The Bite

A Mordida

An epidemic has broken out and genetically modified mosquitoes, fruit of a research factory near São Paulo, are rallied against the deadly virus: an analogy to the recrudescent rise of conservatism in Brazil over the recent years. In the meantime, a three-way erotic relationship between a man, a woman and a transgender woman is faced with rising tensions and constant shifts on power dynamics. A dystopian fable, veering between present-day and an undefined future, that merges lo-fi horror, science fiction and queer drama, pointing to intimacy as the last shield of defense against moral, sentimental and political annihilation.

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Direction: Pedro Neves Marques
Script: Pedro Neves Marques
Cinematography: Marta Simões
Editing: Pedro Neves Marques
Sound: Tales Manfrinato, Pedro Góis
Music: HAUT
Actors: Alina Dörzbacher, Ana Flávia Cavalcanti, Kelner Macedo, Luiz Felipe Lucas, Diogo Hayashi
Producer/Producers: Catarina de Sousa, Pedro Neves Marques
Art Direction: Diogo Hayashi
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Portugal, Brazil
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 26´
Contact: Portugal Film-Portuguese Film Agency