15th TDF: The Awards

The 15th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century
(March 15 - 24, 2013)


The Audience Award for a film over 45’ in the International Selection goes to:

BLOOD BROTHER by Steve Hoover USA, 2012

The Audience Award for a film under 45’ in the International Selection goes to:

THE HIGH PRICE OF GOLD by Ross Domoney, Democratic Republic of Congo / UK 2012

The Audience Award for a Greek film over 45’ goes to:

THE GROCER by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos, Greece, 2013

The Audience Award for a Greek film under 45’ goes to:

A HERITAGE: IN DEEP AGONY by Kyriaki Malama, Greece, 2013


The FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury consisting of:

Peter Wintonick, Canada, President
Kirsten Kieninger, Germany
Alberto Castellano, Italy and
Nikos Tsangarakis, Greece

Bestows the FIPRESCI award for a film in the Greek selection to:

THEY GLOW IN THE DARK by Panayotis Evangelidis, Greece, 2013

Jury rationale: The International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI prize for best Greek documentary goes to a poignant, touching, humorous, and multi-layered account of a thing called Life. It’s narrative and stylistic measures avoid all the traps, stereotypical and moralistic approaches usually found in films that treat the delicate theme of omni-sexuality. This is a humanist film, set in New Orleans,that examines gay friendship, sickness, intimacy, sexual identity, poverty, companionship and ultimately, a thing called Love.

And the FIPRESCI award for a film in the International selection to:

PARTS OF A FAMILY by Diego Gutierrez, 2012
Jury rationale: The International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI prize for best International documentary goes to an account of an elderly couple, locked into fifty years of a once-loving marriage behind the bars of upper middle-class affluence in an isolated villa in Mexico City. They share a home but not their lives. As their marriage disintegrates before the camera of their filmmaker son, each copes with alienation on their very own terms. This is a cinematically distinct study of a strangling relationship that was once called love.


The Amnesty International Jury consisting of:

The representatives of the Greek Section of Amnesty International
Irini Tsolaki (Vice President)
Katerina Kalogera (Treasurer)
Maro Savvopoulou (Press officer)
Marianna Leontaridou (Member of Amnesty International – Film critic) and

Awards the best film dealing with human rights issues to:

CALL ME KUCHU by Katherine Fairfax Wright & Malika Zouhali-Worrall, USA, 2012


The WWF Jury consisting of:

Yorgos Vellidis (Communication Manager, WWF Greece)
Iason Kantas (Press officer for WWF Greece)
Constantinos Liarikos (Enviromental Projects Manager for WWF)

Awards the best film in the HABITAT section to:

LITTLE LAND by Nikos Dayandas, Greece/France, 2013

ERT3 (Greek Public Television) BROADCASTING AWARD

The Jury consisting of ET3 film directors and consultants:

Award the best film in the HABITAT section ex aequo to the 2 films:

LITTLE LAND by Nikos Dayandas, Greece/France, 2013


WINTER NOMADS (HIVER NOMADE) by Manuel von Sturler, Switzerland, 2012

Each of the films will receive an award equivalent to the sum of Euros 1.500 and they will be broadcasted by ET3

The Docs in Progress international jury, consisting of:

Flora Gregory (Commissioning Editor, Al Jazeera, UK)
Ariana Meindana (Head of Co-productions, ERT, Greece)
Jan Rofekamp (General Manager, Film Transit, Canada)

Award the best documentary in the Docs in Progress session of the Doc Market to:

AUNTY, Directors/Producers Manu Gerosa and Salva Munoz, Oneworld Documakers, Italy/Spain

The award is equivalent to the sum of 15.000 euro in post-production services by the company Authorwave (Greece)
ERT (Greek Public Television) DOC ON AIR AWARD

The Doc on Air Award is given to the best EDN Pitching Forum 2012 project. The award is equivalent to the sum of Euros 7.000.

The winning project is:

PLAYING WITH FIRE, Directed by: Anneta Papathanassiou Produced by: Photini Economopoulou, Greece.

Jury rationale: The jury decided to award a project which promises to be an engaging documentary highlighting the work of fearless actresses in Afghanistan and a courageous Greek director. They are involved with the re-emergence of the dramatic arts of storytelling and theatre in Kabul, arts which go back to the beginning of time and Greek antiquity. But these women operate under dangerous conditions, ever-present resistance, physical threats and social disapproval. The jury believes that this film will empower audiences. It will show us that both culture, and women can change the world.


The EDN Award is presented annually during Docs in Thessaloniki to an institution, group or person for outstanding contribution to the development of documentary culture.

The EDN Award 2013 goes to Stefano Tealdi and Joan Gonzales for over 15 years of contributing to the outstanding development of the Southern European documentary culture. The contribution has been done by initiating and running Documentary in Europe and DocsBarcelona.

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