Volunteers Program

The Volunteers Program of the Thessaloniki IFF is organized on the occasion of the two main events held annually by the TIFF Institution; the TIFF (Thessaloniki International Film Festival) taking place each November and the TDF (Thessaloniki Documentary Festival) held every March.

Launched in 2005, the Volunteers Program won the city’s heart and since then it has been growing steadily, engaging a large number of volunteers, both young and old, who help to make both festival editions happen, driven by their love of cinema and the desire to support the events’ exciting cinematic celebration. Each year the applicants outnumber by far the volunteers the festival needs; this constantly growing demand demonstrates that the Volunteers Program continues to fascinate Thessaloniki’s film buffs.

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The Program highlights the participants’ creative side, regardless of age, weaving close ties between the young people and the city’s cultural life, becoming thus an unforgettable, life-changing experience. We always seek dynamic ways to fruitfully collaborate with our volunteers on a broader search with our eyes turned towards the art of Cinema. After all, volunteerism assumes teamwork, a sense of solidarity and responsibility, innovative spirit and, above all, the will to offer to a greater cause, to something that surpasses each and one of us.

We cordially invite all of you who are above 18 years-old and love cinema to join us in the festival’s wonderful journey!

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