The Thessaloniki International Film Festival, one of the most important cultural events of Greece and of the wider Balkan region, internationally known and recognized, is the meeting place of new film makers from all over the world and a point of attraction for many of the cinema world's most prominent personalities, such as Francis Ford Coppola, Wim Wenders, Costa Gavras, Sofia Coppola, Faye Dunaway, Isabelle Huppert, Harvey Keitel, Patrice Chereau, Catherine Deneuve, Walter Salles, Sandrine Bonnaire, Lili Taylor, Chen Kaige, Juliette Lewis, Valeria Golino, among many others. 

Widening the horizons of its cultural contribution, enriching its focus and having well-developed ongoing collaborations with film, cultural, social and educational institutions, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival has won support from private agencies interested in developing activities in the film and cultural sectors. 

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival's sponsors, either providing support to the entire organization or to single events according to their interests, are given, through this collaboration, the opportunity to promote their work, activities as well as their products to a constantly growing and "inquiring" public, which, during the period of the ten day event in November alone, numbers up to 150,000 viewers and is made up of students, young professionals, and people from all age groups who are interested in culture and love the celebration of cinema that is the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Both the events themselves and the "stars" from international and Greek cinema who meet there every year, draw the interest of the Greek and foreign written press, television, radio, and electronic media.

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TFF has always been active in the field of Cultural Sponsorship and provides various sponsorship alternatives for its annual activity and its two major festivals. Below, you can find a list of suggested sponsorship schemes:

a) Olympion Cinema Complex Sponsorship (on an annual basis)
b) Cinema Thematic Tributes’ Sponsorship (more than 10 different cinema tributes are organized every year, many of which are innovative cultural proposals and develop meaningful collaborations with other cultural or scientific institutions)
c) Educational Programmes’ Sponsorship (on an annual basis)
d) Special Events’ Sponsorship (concerts, happenings etc.) as part of TIFF’s annual activity
e) Sponsorship in kind – products or services (e.g. technical equipment, technical support) to serve the needs of TIFF’s annual activity
f) Sponsorship schemes for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (organised in November): 9 cinema auditoria, 217 films from 49 different countries, a total of 517 screenings, 7 visual art exhibitions, 15 lectures and masterclasses given by renowned representatives of the international film sector, 1.648 festival guests and more than 165.000 attendees in film screenings and parallel events
(Indicative of the 48th edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2007)

g) Sponsorship for the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival (organised in March): more than 40.000 attendees

h) Summer Cinema Sponsorship (during summertime)

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