Lassie, come home

Lassie - Eine abenteuerliche Reise 2020, Germany

The secret of Kells

The secret of Kells 2009, Ireland, Belgium, France, United Kingdom

Kubo and the two strings

Kubo and the Two Strings 2016

Croods: A new age

Croods: A new age 2020, USA


Soul 2020, USA


Zog 2018, England

Raya and the last dragon

Raya and the last dragon 2021, USA

Sandlines, the story of history

Sandlines, the story of history 2020, Iraq


Luca 2021, USA


Pinocchio 1940, USA


Yakari, le film 2020, France, Belgium, Germany


Icare 2022, Luxembourg, France, Belgium

Where is Anne Frank

Where is Anne Frank 2021, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Israel, Luxemburg


Wolfwalkers 2020, Ireland, England, Luxemburg, France

Sing 2

Sing 2 2021, Japan, USA

Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers

Tottori! Sommeren vi var alene Silje Salomonsen, Arild Østin Ommundsen 2020, Norway
Vega, aged 9, and her 5-year-old sister Billie are off to an overnight excursion in the Norwegian woods. Their trip is joyful, until their dad twists his ankle. Unable to walk, he asks his daughters to get some help. Their initial panic subsides as several otherworldly encounters dredge their mission with magic. The two girls overcome their fears, discover their inner superpowers, and draw courage from the almighty bond of sisterhood.

Little Nicolas' Treasure

Le trésor du petit Nicolas 2021, France

Summer Rebels

Sommer-Rebellen Martina Saková 2020, Germany, Slovakia
11 year-old Jonas, who has just mourned his father, sets off to Slovakia, on his own, to visit his cool grandpa, Bernard. Yet, loneliness has taken a toll on Bernard, who is now sullen and withdrawn. Determined to help him, Jonas teams up with local tomboy Alex, getting up to crazy ideas that lead to trouble. A summer-imbued adventure of friendship and selflessness that reminds us that dreaming is both invaluable and ageless.