Doc Market (2-9/3/2019)

21st Agora Doc Market 2-19/3/2019

In its 21st year, the Doc Μarket of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival can pride itself on the course it has pursued so far. From day one, it is an inseparable and invaluable part of the Festival it has become established as a locus where filmmakers from all over the world meet with representatives of TV channels (mostly European, but also American and Asian), with a view to promote and sell their films.

The market’s primary goal is to sell the rights of documentaries to TV channels, distribution to film theatres and promotion to other Festivals. The Doc Market functions mainly as a bridge, connecting the cinematic product to the powerful medium of television. In addition, the support and promotion of Greek documentaries to nearby or faraway destinations is number one on our list of priorities.

Each year the Doc Market hosts around 500 films and more than 100 buyers and industry professionals select to visit Thessaloniki to promote or buy documentary films. The Doc Market is fully digital with 30 available booths. Every year 25% approximately, of the total number of films is sold through the Doc Market and this is considered extremely successful. And if one takes into account the fact that only about 1/4 of the films that form part of the Market belong to the Festival program, then one can easily conceive the breadth and the potential of Doc Market participation.

Doc Market form – deadline 14/1/2019


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