Crossroads Co-production Forum 10-14.11.2020

Crossroads Co-production Forum 10-14.11.2020
Application deadline July 20 2020

CROSSROADS, aims at a strong selection of projects from the Mediterranean, the Balkan and South Eastern European countries giving producers and directors the opportunity to present their ideas to a number of potential financial partners during the 4-day event in Thessaloniki.

Crossroads Application Procedure

What kind of projects is CROSSROADS looking for/what are the main criteria?

We are looking for:

Countries not mentioned in the above list can still apply if they are co-produced by a country within these regions or contain elements in the story that link them to these regions

What is the application procedure/when is the deadline?

All submissions must be received by July 20 2020.

By then we need to receive the complete application package (online and in English unless indicated otherwise):

A. Crossroads application form

Please make sure to complete the form thoroughly. Once you have completed the online form you cannot make changes. Elements from the application form will be used for catalogue information should your project be selected.

B. Materials must be in one single PDF document and attached to the online application form. 
They must include:

  1. Synopsis of 1 paragraph
  2. The latest treatment in English or French (and Greek if you are of Greek origin)
  3. The script in English or French (and Greek if you are of Greek origin). If you do not have a script yet then send only the treatment. Please note that projects with a script have priority
  4. Biography/filmography of the producer
  5. Biography/filmography of the director
  6. Director’s statement addressing the story and the visual style
  7. Producer’s statement about the financial strategy
  8. Budget topsheet
  9. Financing plan
  10. A list of confirmed financing for the project (if available)
  11. Rights agreement between the director and the producer or a letter from the director stating that the particular producer will be representing the project
  12. Previous film of the director (online in a secure link)
  13. Moodboard if available

General Rules and Selection Criteria

Crossroads is open to all kinds of projects and is flexible when considering its aspects. Crossroads has no rigid rules and each individual project will be considered on its own merits.  However, there are certain rules that we operate under:

  1. The application materials and subtitles should be in English (except script and treatment which can be in French and Greek)
  2. We accept only feature film projects (over 60 minutes).
  3. We accept all genres except feature documentaries.
  4. One production company or producer can submit two projects.
  5. A production company or producer can re-submit a project that was previously not selected, if there have been substantial changes in the script and overall presentation package.
  6. A project should indicate to which other workshops and markets it has been previously presented and when, or if it is a new project.
  7. The budget of the film should not exceed 1.5 million euro.
  8. The projects are evaluated by at least two readers. The final decision of selection is the one of the Artistic Consultant together with the Head of Crossroads.
  9. The number of selected projects is up to fifteen (15).
  10. The selection is announced by mid September.

What happens if my project is selected?

  1. Once a project has been selected, at least one representative should be present during the four days of Crossroads (November 10 - 14, 2020). It is favourable for the project if both producer and director are present for the meetings. Crossroads offers one (single or double) hotel room for four nights.
  2. You will be sent your meetings schedule a few days before Crossroads begins. The schedule will be based upon requests from the invited industry professionals. Additional meetings are scheduled upon availability, during Crossroads.
  3. Finished film projects sprung from the Co-production Forum should mention Crossroads or display its logo in their credits. Preferably, the following sentence should be mentioned in the credit list: "[film title] has been presented at Crossroads Co-Production Forum of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival". The Crossroads logo will be sent to the filmmakers upon selection of the project.
  4. CROSSROADS awards include:

Crossroads also collaborates with MIDPOINT - A Training and Networking Platform for Film and TV Development.


> TIFF61 Crossroads Co-production Forum Application Form (Submissions have been closed)


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