Agora Works in Progress 10-13 Νοεμβρίου

Έντεκα ταινίες συμμετέχουν στο τμήμα Works in Progress της Αγοράς (10 - 13 Νοεμβρίου 2020), το οποίο θα πραγματοποιηθεί διαδικτυακά. Οι ταινίες που βρίσκονται στο στάδιο πριν την ολοκλήρωσή τους.


Logline:  A film about school violence, but also life as a spectacle in modern Greek society of the Corona Virus and economic crisis. The script is freely inspired by a real event.

Production Company Kfilms | Director Vassilis Douvlis | Producers Panagiotis Kakavias, Katerina BeliyianniCo-Producers ERT,GFC | Production Stage Editing | Duration 80’ - 90' | Language Greek | Genre Social drama 

Cycling with Zoli the Turk

Logline: The story about love and passion that break boundaries between space and time, and the bicycle as a transport vessel through dimensions.

Production Company Atalanta | Director Szabolcs Tolnai | Producer Szabolcs Tolnai | Production stage 50% of filming completed, rough-cut | Duration 120’ | Language Hungarian, Serbian | Genre Erotic drama 

The Game
Serbia, USA

Logline: When the police interrupt his routine smuggling trip, Strahinja becomes stranded with know-it-all refugee teens. The boys’ gusto for life makes him aware of the walls he has built around his own.

Production Company Ni Kriva Ni Duzna | Director Ana Lazarevic | Producer Pavle Stevanovic | Production stage Post Production, close to final cut | Duration 90’ | Language Serbian, English | Genre Drama 

How's Katia?

Logline: The life of Anna, a 35-year-old paramedic, takes a rough turn, when her daughter gets involved in a car accident. Now she faces a moral dilemma that will challenge her personal moral borders.

Production Company Evos Film | Director Christina Tynkevych | Producer Olha Matat | Production stage Post-production | Duration 120’ | Language Ukrainian | Genre Drama

Mirror Mirror

Logline: In a period of cultural change in modern Turkey, three women try to overcome challenges set by a conservative society. To survive, they rely on their passion for acting.

Production Company Filmbüfe Productions | Director Belmin Söylemez | Producer Hasmet Topaloglu | Production stage Final stage of editing | Duration 100’ | Language Turkish | Genre Drama 


Logline: The monster of Loss will face the beast of Love, until assailant and victim become indistinguishable.

Production Company Nikos Nikolopoulos & Artemis Zervou | Director Nikos Nikolopoulos | Producers Nikos Nikolopoulos, Artemis Zervou | Productionstage Post-production, final cut | Duration 105’ | Language Greek | Genre Drama, Mystery 

Prime Time

Logline:  If you could shout something to the world, what would you say? What would you rebel against?

Production Company Watchout Studio | Director Jakub Piątek | Producer Jakub Razowski | Co-Producer TVN | ProductionstagePost-production - editing | Duration 100’ | Language Polish | Genre Drama

Rock Bottom Riser
Portugal, USA, Greece

Logline:  From the earliest Polynesian voyagers who navigated by starlight to the discovery of habitable planets by astronomers, Rock Bottom Riser examines the all-encompassing encounters of a world at sea.

Production Company Fern Silva | Director- Producer Fern Silva | Productionstage Post-production | Duration 72’ | Language English | Genre Historical, political, sci-fi 

Snow and the Bear
Turkey, Germany, Serbia

Logline: A newly appointed nurse in a small, snow-covered, border town, where the winter surprisingly doesn’t come to an end... Rumours of bears rising early from winter-sleep... A man goes missing one night.

Production Company Nefes Films | Director Selcen Ergun | Producer Nefes Polat | Co-Producers Riva Film, Set Sail Films | Production stage Post - production | Duration 95’ | Language Turkish | Genre Drama 

Tracking Satyrs
Poland, Switzerland

Logline:  A long way in search of freedom - from ancient Greece straight to the Eastern European forest.

Production Company Madants | Directors Michałl & Maciej Mąadracki, Gilles Lepore | Producer Beata Rzeźniczek | Co-Producer Prince Film | Production stage 80% of filming completed | Duration 70’ | Language Greek, English, French, Polish | Genre Experimental 


Logline:  After getting fired, an outsider, painter and a laborer from Belgrade, Aleksandar loses his dog, and now he is on a quest to find it.

Production Company Ranc production, Non-Aligned Films | Director Luka Papić | Producer Srdja Vuco | Production stage Production | Duration 70’ | Language Serbian | Genre Docu-fiction