September events

The Thessaloniki Film Festival will host during the month of September three major events: 


  • Parallel to the Commercial Fair organized in early September in Thessaloniki by HELLEXPO, the Festival together with the French Institute will hold a Tribute to the new French cinema. 
  • VideoDance2002, the international dance film festival, celebrating this year its third edition. VideoDance2002 will take place in Athens from September 10 to 15 and in Thessaloniki from September 13 to 19.

Seventy six films are presented in this year's program in this context. The theme sections revolve around "loans" of image and movement: loans from other cultures, from far away, from the past, from other arts. Loans, or however else one may be inclined to call this activity, enrich moving images, and enable relations, encounters, and free movement to flourish.


In the section Body / Image: a fragmentary reality, the relationship between the body and the invasion of images is explored. In the context of both of these sections, Maarten Vanden Abeele's film Meg Stuart's Alibi will be shown. Based on the performance Alibi by Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods, the director of the film will be attending its world premiere in the opening of the festival.


  • From the 20 to  26th September a Tribute to the Japanese director Shohei Imamura will be held in Athens and from 27th September to 3 October in Thessaloniki.


The films included in this tribute are:


Akai hashi no shita no nurui mizu

Warm Water Under a Red Bridge  


Kanzo sensei

Dr. Akagi



The Eel


Kuroi ame

Black Rain




Narayama bushiko

Ballad of Narayama



Why Not?


Fukushû suruwa wareniari

Vengeance Is Mine


Nippon Sengoshi - Madamu onboro no Seikatsu

History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess


Kamigami no Fukaki Yokubo  

The Profound Desire of the Gods      


Ningen Johatsu  

A Man Vanishes


Jinruigaku nyumon

The Pornographer



Akai satsui  

Intentions of Murder


Nippon konchuki

The Insect Woman


Buta to gunkan

Pigs and Battleships



My Second Brother


Hateshinaki yokubo

Endless Desire


Nishi Ginza ekimae

Nishi Ginza                                                                                 


Nusumareta yokujo

Stolen Desire