3rd “Let’s go to the cinema!” Festival

“Let’s go to the cinema!” Student Film Festival

Each year, the educational programme of the Thessaloniki Film Festival marks the end of its activities with the “Let’s go to the cinema!” Student Film Festival, during which all the films made by the students are screened. In this way, the students –as well as the general public-- are given the opportunity to see their work where it rightfully belongs: up on the screen.

As of 2000, 331 Lyceums and High Schools from Attica, Thessaloniki, Thrace, Crete, Epirus, the Cyclades and the Greek community schools in Bavaria have participated in the programme, shooting 331 short films which were produced by the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. The great moment of this festival is the Awards Ceremony, which takes place on the same day and at the same time, in all the cities where the Festival is held, immediately following the screening of the films.

The innovation of this ceremony is that, even though it is a single one, it is held concurrently in many film theatres. These theatres are linked by satellite and the audience in each theatre watches and participates in whatever is going on in the theatres in other cities. In each city, a well-known actor, with the participation of a singer, presents the ceremony. The entire event is broadcast live on ET-1.

3rd “Let’s go to the cinema!” Festival

The third “Let’s go to the cinema” Student Film Festival is held on May 10 2003 in Thessaloniki, Athens, Syros, Ioannina and Munich. One hundred and forty-six films made by the students of 146 High Schools and Lyceums of Athens, Thessaloniki, the Cyclades, Epirus and Bavaria participated.

JURY – AWARDS • The films are watched, judged and presented with awards by a seven-member committee made up of leading figures from the world of film, journalism, sports and the letters. • The awards presented at the “Let’s go to the cinema!” Student Film Festival are the following: 1st Prize, 3 honorary distinctions, and the “Let’s go to the cinema!” Grand Prize.