On the Future of European Cinema



On the Future of European Cinema and the Audiovisual Sector following the Expansion of the Union

From cultural particularity to European identity Round table conference – initiative of the Greek Presidency

Thessaloniki, 25-17 May, 2003 Olympion

The purpose of the conference is to formulate a global problematic on the future of cinema and the audiovisual sector, as well as the formulation of positions on the new policy of a Union with a far greater number of members.


17:00 Opening Conference: “The role of images in European Identity”. Screening of filmed greetings from well-known European directors: Wim Wenders Director and President of the European Film Academy (Germany) Pedro Almodovar Director (Spain) Cédric Klapish Director (France) Bertrand Tavernier Director (France) Istvan Szabo Director (Hungary) Andrzej Wajda Director (Poland) Volker Schlöndorff Director (Germany)

18:00 Opening greetings and speeches Presidency Evangelos Venizelos, Greek Minister of Culture Viviane Reding, Commissioner, Training and Culture for the European Commission Jacques Toubon, President, Eurimages Speakers Carlos Saura Director (Spain) Krzysztof Zanussi Director (Poland) Andrzej Zulawski Director (France/Poland) Dusan Makavejev Director (Serbia-Montenegro) Peter Fleischmann Director (Germany) Theo Angelopoulos Director (Greece) Agnieszka Holland Director (Poland) 21:00 Dinner


10:00 Workshop on: «Audiovisual heritage and education: two parallel paths» Round Table Discussion: Jean-Eric De Cockborne Head of the European Commission General Directorate of Education and Culture Gabrielle Claes Director of the Belgian Cinematheque and President of ACE (Belgium) Yannis Bakoyannopoulos Cinema Advisor, Ministry of Culture (Greece) Dusan Makavejev Director and head of the Heritage section of the European Film Academy (Serbia-Montenegro) Richard Paterson British Film Institute (U.K.) Vera Guyrey Director, Hungarian Film Archives (Hungary) Alessandra Guarino State Cinema School – Training Section (Italy) Gerlinda Heywegen Programming Director of the Dutch Cinema Training Institute (Holland) Moderator: Gaetano Stucchi Media Advisor (Italy/Switzerland) 11:45 Coffee Break

12:00-13:00 Discussion 13:30-15:30 Lunch 15:30 Workshop on: «The Distribution of European Films: an absolute priority» Presidency Claudia Lansberger President, European Film Promotion (Holland) Introduction: Wolfgang Closs Διευθυντής του Ευρωπαϊκού Παρατηρητηρίου για το Οπτικοακουστικό (Γερμανία)

Round Table Discussion: Diagoras Chronopoulos, President of the GFC (Greece) Claude-Eric Poiroux, Director of Europa Cinéma (France) Nick Powell, Director, European Film Academy (U.K.) Faruk Gunaltay, Director of the Eurimages promotion team (Turkey) Dariusz Jablonski, President, Polish Producers (Poloand) Dieter Kosslick, Director, Berlinale (Germany) Luciana Castellina, President of the Eurovisioni Commission (Italy) Moderator: Patrice Vivancos, Director, European Days (Spain) 18:30 End of workshop 21:00 Dinner


10:00 Participation of all the work groups Introduction: Costas Vrettakos Director (Greece) Reading of the minutes resulting from the workshops. Discussion which will form the final conclusions and the message which the conference will communicate to the appropriate community agencies. Round Table Discussion: «The New Europe Faced with Old Problems» Janusz Kijowski, Director and Vice-President of FERA (Poland) Zzolt Kezdi-Kovacs, Director and Eurimages representative (Hungary) Karol Jakubowicz, Member of the Public Television Council (Poland) Igor Korsic, University professor and Eurimages representative (Slovenia) Ivo Andrle, Representative of the International Federation of Film Societies (Czech Republic) Tomas Donela Representative of the Lithuanian Directors’ Union (Lithuania) 11:45 Coffee Break 12:00-13:00 Discussion Conclusions. 13:30 Departure for the Vergina archeological site. 14:30 Lunch and tour of the Vergina archeological site.