T.Pavlopoulos exhibition opening


Tasos Pavlopoulos: The extras

Kalfayan Gallery

Duration: November 22 – December 3

Today, Saturday 22nd, in the framework of the 44th International Thessaloniki Film Festival was the opening of Tasos Pavlopoulos’ exhibition titled “Extras”. Tasos Pavlopoulos is the artist behind this year’s poster of the Festival. The exhibition will be on display at the Kalfayan Gallery until December 3, where the artist exhibits on a regular basis. His work is comprised mainly of oil paintings and is characterized by a plethoric verve and a playful approach to his themes. The Thessaloniki Film Festival assigned this year’s poster to Tasos Pavlopoulos. Inspired by his only affair with cinema, as an extra, Pavlopoulos prepared a series of new art centered on cinema.



This morning marked the official opening of the proceedings of the Balkan Fund at the City hotel. The Fund is an initiative of the Thessaloniki Film Festival for supporting the development of scripts in Balkan countries. Lucia Rikaki, the coordinator of the Balkan Fund, welcomed the members of the jury as well as the filmmakers to the first meeting of the Fund. The Director of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and instigator of the Balkan Fund, Michel Demopoulos took the stand. Mr. Demopoulos spoke about the multicultural character of Thessaloniki and “…its intention to culturally assist Balkan countries. The Thessaloniki Film Festival aims to support professionals in the Balkans since, as we all know, it isn’t easy to make films in this area of the world”. Mr. Demopoulos added that the whole venture has the support of the Ministry of Culture.