The Thessaloniki Film Festival presents the audience with the chance to see the new film Mystic River by famous actor and director, Clint Eastwood. The film, which was shown this year at the Cannes Film Festival, received rave reviews from critics and the audience alike.


Director: Clint Eastwood Screenplay: Dennis Lehane, Producers: Clint Eastwood, Judie Hoyt, Robert Lorenz Cinematography: Tom Stern Editing: Joel Cox Music: Clint Eastwood Starring: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburn, Marcia Gay Harden, Laura Linney 35mm, Color, 137’

The story

Three childhood friends, Jimmy, Dave and Sean meet up after 25 years on account of the murder of Jimmy’s 19 year-old daughter. Sean, a police officer, is assigned the case which initially seems like a random murder. He must also, though, look after Jimmy who thirsts for revenge and searches for the murderer of his daughter. Through a series of events, Dave also becomes connected to the case. As the investigation continues, a threatening scenario unfolds that starts to envelop the three friends, the family and lost innocence…

Admission upon presentation of accreditation card only!