Friday, November 28th at 0.30 - OLYMPION

Sunday, November 30th, at 12.30 – PAVLOS ZANNAS

This year, the Thessaloniki Film Festival presents the audience with the chance to attend an out of program screening of Richard Jobson’s film, “16 years of alcohol”. This is Jobson’s first feature film based on his homonymous book about his personal life experiences. The film participated in the Toronto Film Festival as well as the Venice Film Festival’s competition section. Ioannis Halkiadakis, the Greek editor of the film, will be attending the event.


Great Britain, 2003 Direction: Richard Jobson Screenplay: Richard Jobson Production: Hamish McAlpine, Mark Burton Cinematography: John Rhodes Editing: Ioannis Halkiadakis Sound: Malcolm Davies Starring: Kevin McKidd, Laura Fraser, Susan Lynch, Ewen Bremner 35mm, Color, 102

A story about a young man, Frank, who struggles with alcohol and his volatile relationship with his father, an alcoholic ladies’ man who lives in denial. Frank desires consistency in his life but also struggles with an inner hate and feelings of betrayal. Alcohol and violence consume him until the influence of a woman he meets starts to have a positive effect on his life. In her, he sees the prospect for a normal and stable life. However, the past lingers dangerously upon him as his old friends seduce and mislead him to his old habits and his impulsive character endlessly tortures him.

Richard Jobson delivers the audience to Frank’s inner world. His feelings and thoughts are projected through a voice-over narration that transforms his life into a personal and intimate experience for the audience. With poetic prose, the director skillfully renders the dismantling and the solitude of an alcoholic’s psyche.