Cinémathèque of Thessaloniki : Passage to India: Through the eyes of Satyajit Ray

“Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon”


Akira Kurosawa


Satyajit Ray (1921-1992), Indian cinema’s most iconic feature, whose multifaceted work had a profound influence on countless generations of filmmakers, takes center stage at Thessaloniki Cinémathèque’s tribute “Passage to India: Through the eyes of Satyajit Ray”. The tribute, hosted in collaboration with the Greek Film Archive Foundation, will take place at the beloved cinephile hub of Stavros Tornes, from Thursday February 16th to Monday February 20th 2023. 


Ray’s films, riddled with a humanist touch and greatly influenced by finding the point of balance between tradition and modernism, portraying the decay of the feudal system and the rise of an ambitious bourgeoisie, harmoniously and stylishly interweave Indian mythology and folklore with social commentary and critique against the forces of post-colonialism and the rigid structure of Indian society. Ray’s work, grandiose and genuine, without ever losing sight of the human pathos and the existential distress, intertwines the Western humanist tradition and the Oriental inwardness. 

  1. Song of little road
    Pather Panchali Satyajit Ray 1955, India
  2. The big city
    Mahanagar Satyajit Ray 1963, India
  3. The Coward
    Kapurush Satyajit Ray 1965, India
  4. The Elephant God
    Joi Baba Felunath Satyajit Ray 1978, India
  5. The Hero
    Nayak Satyajit Ray 1966, India
  6. The Holy man
    Mahapurush Satyajit Ray 1965, India
  7. The lonely wife
    Charulata Satyajit Ray 1964, India
  8. The unvanquished
    Aparajito Satyajit Ray 1956, India
  9. The world of Apu
    Apur Sansar Satyajit Ray 1956, India
16 February 2023
20:30 The big city | Mahanagar STAVROS TORNES
17 February 2023
19:00 The lonely wife | Charulata STAVROS TORNES
21:30 Song of little road | Pather Panchali STAVROS TORNES
18 February 2023
19:00 The unvanquished | Aparajito STAVROS TORNES
21:30 The world of Apu | Apur Sansar STAVROS TORNES
19 February 2023
20:00 The Holy man | Mahapurush STAVROS TORNES
21:30 The Coward | Kapurush STAVROS TORNES
20 February 2023
19:00 The Hero | Nayak STAVROS TORNES
21:30 The Elephant God | Joi Baba Felunath STAVROS TORNES