Meeting Gorbachev

Meeting Gorbachev

The life of Mikhail Gorbachev, the eighth and last President of the Soviet Union, as seen through the eyes of the brilliant and eccentric director Werner Herzog. Gorbachev, the architect of Perestroika and Glasnost, now 87, maintains his wit, reminding the man he used to be back when the planet was amidst the two superpowers. A documentary that plays out like a chess game between two experienced players, focusing on the painful past.
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Direction: Werner Herzog & André Singer
Script: Werner Herzog
Cinematography: Yuri Burak, Richard Blanshard
Editing: Michael Ellis
Sound: Vasily Amochkin, Simon Bishop, Alexander Kuckuck, Vladimir Rizun
Music: Nicholas Singer
Actors: Mikhail Gorbachev, Miklós Németh
Production: Spring Films, Werner Herzog Film
Producer/Producers: Lucki Stipetic, Svetlana Palmer
Co-producer/Co-producers: Lynette Singer
Executive producer: Richard Melman, Molly Thompson, Eli Lehrer, Ulrich Brochhagen
Camera: Rob Anderson, Alexander Cherviakov, Nikita Kalachev, Emmanuel Suys, Pawel Tejchman
Narration: Werner Herzog
Format: DCP
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: USA, United Kingdom, Austria
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 92΄
World Sales: Werner Herzog,

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