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Direction: Joachim Lafosse
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 84΄

Joachim Lafosse

Born in 1975 in Uccle, Belgium, he debuted with the short film Egoïste nature while he was still studying at L’Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Brussels, Belgium. In 2001, he graduated with the short film Tribu, for which he was awarded top marks and which won him many prizes at international film festivals. He has written screenplays and plays and completed several short films. His debut feature, Folie privée, was selected at the Locarno Film Festival.


2000 Egoïste nature (μμ)
2001 Tribu (μμ) 2004 Folie privée
2005 ²a rend heureux
2006 Nue propriété