The Unknown Athenians

Οι άγνωστοι Αθηναίοι

  #animals   #urban

The documentary follows the daily routine of stray dogs struggling in the center of Athens and the people who take care of them, in the course of five years. A hidden world emerges from the routes of these unknown Athenians, unveiling the unexpected face and the heart of Athens in the midst of change.

Screening Schedule
PAVLOS ZANNAS 19 September 2020 21:00
PAVLOS ZANNAS 20 September 2020 21:00
PAVLOS ZANNAS 21 September 2020 21:00
PAVLOS ZANNAS 22 September 2020 21:00
PAVLOS ZANNAS 23 September 2020 21:00
Direction: Angeliki Antoniou
Script: Angeliki Antoniou
Cinematography: Angeliki Antoniou
Editing: Chronis Theocharis
Sound: Angeliki Antoniou, Costas Fylaktidis
Music: Serafeim Giannakopoulos
Production: Angeliki Antoniou Filmproduktion
Producer/Producers: Angeliki Antoniou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece, Germany
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 76΄
Distribution in Greece: Filmtrade,
Contact: Angeliki Antoniou,