The Young Observant


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22nd TDF: Greek Premiere

Hair must be cut short and nails should be clipped daily. Most importantly, you can never get carried away by the festive and frivolous ambiance around you. Just a few of the rigid rules Luca, a wild-spirited 14-year-old boy living in the Alps, is forced to abide by as he enrolls in a hotel boarding school of rigorous discipline, in Domodossola, Italy. A merciless yet sensitive coming-of-age story featuring an endearing teenager who is thrown into a sterile world, where everyday gestures are turned into rituals, where people are divided for life into servants and customers.

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Direction: Davide Maldi
Script: Davide Maldi, Micol Roubini
Cinematography: Davide Maldi
Editing: Enrica Gatto
Music: Freddie Murphy, Chiara Lee
Actors: Luca Tufano, Mario Burlone, Lorenzo Campani, Enrico Colombini, Cristian Dellamora, Damiano Oberoffer, Ernesto Alberti Violetti
Production: Invisibile Film, L’ Altauro, Red House Productions
Producers: Gabriella Manfrè, Davide Maldi, Micol Roubini, Fabio Scamoni
Executive producer: Gabriella Manfrè, Micol Roubini
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Italy
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 86΄
Contact: Slingshot Films,

Davide Maldi


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