Child of Nature

Child of Nature

Greek Premiere

The world can be a very difficult place, especially for children. They are the greatest victims of war, poverty, hunger, and abuse. Yet they are resilient and many of them are transforming their stories into a new beginning. Narrated by a young journalist from India, the film follows the journey of children from Kenya, Philippines, Syria, Canada, and Germany, who against all odds are creating change in their lives and their communities. An epic journey of courage, hope and generosity that will both amaze the mind and touch the heart.

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Direction: Marcos Negrão
Co-direction: Johanna Schnell, Sonia Mackwani
Cinematography: Emily Topper, Marcos Negrão, Guga Millet
Editing: Andre Rangel, Mohamed El Manasterly
Music: Marc Vanocur (key score), Pedro Igel, Bruno Waddington, Gabriel Gib
Production: Child of Nature Films
Producer/Producers: Marcos Negrão
Co-production: Enigma Films
Art Direction: David S. Roberts
Executive producer: Joseph Litzinger, Miguel Krigsner
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: USA, Brazil
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 85΄
Contact: Joseph Litzinger

Age 10+

Marcos Negrão


2008 Urubus têm Asas (short, co-direction)
2010 The Broken Moon (co-direction)
2020 Child of Nature