Long Dive

“Man is an infinity... a road,” says Vrezh Kirakosyan, this documentary’s hero. Disabled since a little boy because of an accident, he grew up in a poor Armenian family with his father in jail. When he was four he learned alone to read and write, a little later to draw paintings. When he was 18 he started writing his first book. In his twenties he sold his first painting. When he was 29 he met a girl via the Internet. In his thirties he had a family. “What is a man’s present,” he says. “It’s a struggle. The struggle of his passions. The struggle of which the outcome is unknown and depends on man alone.”

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Script: Irina Boiko
Cinematography: Irina Boiko
Editing: Xenofontas Vardaros
Sound: Irina Boiko
Music: Yorgos Stefanakidis
Producer/Producers: Irina Boiko
Narration: Vrezh Kirakosyan
Format: DCP B&W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2016
Duration: 43
Contact: Irina Boiko irinaboiko@yahoo.gr