Singapore Sling

Singapore Sing is one of those guys with no money, no home and no friends, who chases after lost causes with women’s names and gets mixed up in affairs that lead nowhere. His lost cause goes by the name of Laura and he hasn’t seen her for some years. Even though he has a hunch that the girl he’s looking for has been dead for years and that he’s in love with a corpse, he goes on searching for her and one rainy, stormy night, wounded and with nothing more to lose, Singapore Sling arrives at a house because he believes that Laura might be there. In the darkness of the night and around an open hole in the garden, two women are trying to bury a dead man but Singapore Sling, with hot lead in his shoulder, can’t do much right now. Engulfed by the shadows and his memories, he waits for daybreak before going into the house...

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Script: Nikos Nikolaidis
Cinematography: Aris Stavrou
Editing: Andreas Andreadakis
Sound: Argyris Lazaridis
Actors: Meredyth Herold (Laura), Michele Valley (mother), Panayotis Thanassoulis (Singapore Sling)
Production: Marni Film, Greek Film Center
Producers: Nikos Nikolaidis, Marie-Louise Bartholomew
Costumes: Marie-Louise Bartholomew
Sets: Marie-Louise Bartholomew
Make Up: Daniel Vuarin
Format: 35mm B&W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1990
Duration: 108

Nikos Nikolaidis

Nikos Nikolaidis was born in Athens in 1939. He studied filmmaking and theater set designing. In 1960 he started to work as a first assistant to Vassilis Georgiadis and in 1962 he shot his first short film, Lacrimae Rerum. He made his official debut in 1975 with Euridice BA 2037 at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. He has worked in a recording company and has shot more than 200 commercials in over 20 years. He has published a collection of short stories and three novels, and has written, directed and produced all of his films. He is the only Greek director who has won five times the award for Best Director at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. He died in Athens in September 2007.


1962 Lacrimae Rerum (short)
1968 Unconditionally (45’)
1975 Euridice BA 2037
1979 The Wretches Are Still Singing
1983 Sweet Bunch
1987 Morning Patrol
1990 Singapore Sling
1993 The Girl with the Suitcases (TV)
1999 See You in Hell, My Darling
2002 Loser Takes All
2005 The Zero Years

1964 The Gravediggers (short stories)
1977 The Angry Balkan (novel)
1980 The Wretches Are Still Singing (screenplay)
1984 Sweet Bunch (screenplay)
1993 Pigs in the Wind (novel)
2007 A Hit in the Eye of Montezouma

1996 The Seven Boxes of Pandora by Vassilis Ziogas