The Thessaloniki Film Festival participates in the design and implementation of the educational platform "nextus", which is carried out within the framework of the MEDIA "CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAMME - MEDIA SUB-PROGRAMME SUPPORT TO FILM EDUCATION", in collaboration with the partners: PLAN SLU (SPAIN), DOK. Fest Munich (GERMANY).

The main goal of the programme is to contribute the tuition of the 20th Century History in the classroom, to bring young audiences in touch with European documentaries by promoting the transnational circulation of European audiovisual works.

The online platform contains 30 documentaries with greek subtitles and is addressed to students aged 12-18. This platform is accessible through a link (with different types of permission depending on whether you are a teacher or a student) and the user is able to watch either an individual clip or a collection of clips related to a specific topic or even the whole movie.

The material is accessible after free registration at the link below

For more information please contact tel. 2310378570