Agora Talks//Parallel Events


MONDAY 9, 11.00 - 12.30 EET (for Industry accredited guests only)

Plenary Session
Introduction on Film Marketing
by Christina Pelekani, Marketing expert - Greece

For filmmakers, marketing is probably the last thing that they want to consider. Not anymore. Nowadays, filmmakers are responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of their project. The lecture will focus on the 3 valuable C’s, which in marketing terminology stand for Consumer, Convenience and Communication. The “secret weapons” of marketing will be presented – positioning, benchmarking, strengths & challenges, definition of target audience; distribution models, film marketing in the digital age, plus useful tips to stand out from the clutter.
One of the lecture’s objectives is to help producers think both like a film business investor (B2B) and a fan (B2C). The goal of the plenary is to point out to producers that marketing is truly their friend.

Supported by EKOME - National Center of Audiovisual Media and Communication

MONDAY 9, 17.00 - 18.00 EET (for Industry accredited guests only)
European Women’s Audiovisual Network - EWA

The Current State of Co-production: “Who can co-produce right now? Which countries are filming- friendly?” The panel of EWA Mentors give answers and invite you to a conversation about current co-production challenges.
Speakers: Susan Newman (Eurimages) | Martichka Bozhilova - Bulgaria | Bettina Brokemper - Germany |Enrica Capra - Italy, France | Martina Haubrich - Germany | Laura Briand - France | Ada Solomon - Romania | Jelena Mitrovic - Serbia | Zeynep Atakan - Turkey Moderator: Linda Beath

Supported by EKOME - National Center of Audiovisual Media and Communication


MONDAY 9 to FRIDAY 13, 17.00 - 18.00 EET


We are happy to introduce a new Thessaloniki IFF initiative called Directors’ Corner, with the intent to bring directors, who participate in this year's line-up, a little bit closer than circumstances allow. Not so much a panel as an informal festival happy hour, Directors’ Corner is an online meeting point for filmmakers to get together with their fellow colleagues, talk about their work and exchange ideas. It will also be broadcast live on Thessaloniki IFF’s YouTube channel and social media, so that the audience may contact the participants with questions about their films!

The daily meetings will be in English and they will be moderated by Elena Christopoulou. Elena has been collaborating with the TIFF & TDF since 2005 in various positions (from the Press Office and the Program sections to the Agora), while working as a film critic/journalist for various Greek media. She has edited books on Aki Kaurismäki, Ulrich Seidl and Alain Giraudie, and has also moderated and participated in panels on gender and feminism in film.

THURSDAY 12, 15.00 - 18.00 EET (closed session)

Europa Cinemas: Audience Development & Innovation Online Lab The Thessaloniki IFF and Europa Cinemas co-organize the Europa Cinemas Innovation Day Lab Re-designing the Collective Cinema Experience.
The workshop is dedicated to 18 registered cinema exhibitors. Moderated by Frank Groot (exhibitor, KINO Rotterdam - Netherlands), the focus will be on sharing approaches to re-designing the cinema experience, on devising programming strategies (in-venue and online), on communication with audiences and health and safety measures for audiences and staff. This Lab will strengthen the networking of cinemas and provide a platform where they can share common issues and effective practices. Also, to find creative solutions to their biggest challenges and get some perspective on their own context and exchange expertise about how to cope with these unprecedented times.