Agora Talks: March 9-15, 2024


The TiDF Agora Talks & Parallel Events feature stimulating and thought-provoking discussions on documentary filmmaking and the audiovisual industry aiming to offer best practices and practical information to Agora and Festival accredited guests.

Subjects are diverse and can touch upon networking practices, sales, funding, financing, equity in documentary storytelling, new VOD platforms, new research methods, and different documentary formats and genres.

Examples from recent talks: The Art of Networking - Caring is Sharing, Shifting Perspectives - Creative Documentaries Beyond TV Slots, Quo Vadis Documentary Financing?, Equity & Entitlement in Documentary Storytelling - A Distant Dream?, Op-Docs from The New York Times, A Brave New Virtual World, Agora Talk by iMEdD: The Intersection of Journalistic Investigation and Documentary Filmmaking, Documentaries for Children - An Educational Tool.


Check out what was discussed during TiDF25 AGORA and stay tuned for the Agora Talks of TiDF26 AGORA.