Agora Masterclass


Every year, Agora presents one carefully designed Mastercalss on the most relevant industry topics offering useful insight on current documentary practices. The Agora Masterclass is open to Festival and Agora accredited guests, as well as the Festival’s Audience.

Find below the Agora Masterclass of TiDF25:

Untangling the Global Landscape, Filmmaking 2023 by Philippa Kowarsky
Filmmaking in 2023 has become more complex than ever. In this masterclass, we will discuss new prerequisites and will attempt to untangle the global landscape. Is it about content, form or funding? Where do we want our films to be seen? How we get our films out into the world makes all the difference. How much control do we have over the process? When should we be dreaming up our wish list for our films? And how do we protect our vision and pay the bills? Is there anyone that can walk us down the aisle? And is the Academy Award still our ultimate goal?  

Philippa Kowarsky
Philippa is the founder of Cinephil, an international sales and consulting firm in Tel Aviv. Cinephil operates as a sales agent, producer and executive producer, joining projects at all stages of the development and production process. A partial list of films and international collaborations with which Cinephil has been involved over the past 25 years includes: The Gatekeepers, The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence, all nominated for Academy Awards; the Emmy-winning film Night Will Fall, The Cleaners, nominated for an Emmy; Collective, nominated for two Academy Awards; and three-time Academy Award nominee Flee. Ending in August 2022, Philippa served as Lead Commissioning Editor for BBC Storyville.