Agora Talks: November 3rd - 11th, 2023


Agora Talks are industry-focused open discussions and presentations aiming to offer best practices and practical information to Agora and Festival accredited guests in collaboration with our partners (Sofia Meetings, ACE Producers, EAVE, MFI, EWA and others).

Subjects are diverse and can touch upon co-production opportunities, film case studies, mental health in our industry, green film production, film marketing, distribution (alternative, digital etc.), inclusivity, representativeness and more. Examples from recent talks: Methods and Tools on How to Secure a Safer Workplace for Everyone, Rebuilding the Story Engine: The Business Case for Radical Inclusion in Film and TV in the Age of Streaming, The Stress Factor: How to Stay Well and Mentally Balanced in an ever-demanding Industry.

Check out what was discussed during TIFF63 AGORA and stay tuned for the Agora Talks of TIFF64 AGORA