Carte Blanche

The Festival grants carte blanche to all its distinguished guests to each select a fi lm they deem as iconic to the art of editing or highly influential to their career. The editors invited by the Festival will present the carte blanche films to the audience, including, among others, masterpieces by Andrei Tarkovsky, Alain Resnais, Stanley Kubrick and Sam Peckinpah, in screenings held within the context of this year’s Festival.


For the Carte Blanche screenings a ticket purchased online is required. All Carte Blanche screenings will take place at Pavlos Zannas theatre or the Makedonikon theatre.


SAT 06.11 - 17:00 @ Pavlos Zannas

«SOLARIS» by Andrei Tarkovsky (Carte Blanche, Roland Vajs)


MON 08.11 - 16:30 @ Pavlos Zannas

«THE WILD BUNCH» by Sam Peckinpah (Carte Blanche, Panos Voutsaras)


TUE 09.11 - 21:00 @ Makedonikon

«THE MIRROR» by Andrei Tarkovsky (Carte Blanche, Claire Atherton)


WED 10.11 - 21:00 @ Makedonikon


(Carte Blanche, Yannis Chalkiadakis)


TUE 11.11 - 21:00 @ Makedonikon

«ALLELUIA» by Fabrice du Welz (Carte Blanche, Lambis Haralambidis)


FRI 12.11 - 17:00 @ Makedonikon

«MON ONCLE D’ AMERIQUE» by Alain Resnais

(Carte Blanche, Yorgos Mavropsaridis)


SAT 13.11 - 17:00 @ Makedonikon

«A CLOCKWORK ORANGE» by Stanley Kubrick

(Carte Blanche Anne Østerud and Janus Billeskov Jansen)


SAT 13.11 - 20:00 @ Pavlos Zannas

«OUT OF SIGHT» by Steven Soderbergh

(Carte Blanche Raúl Mora)