Images of the 21st Century
March 7 – 16, 2008
37 Greek films will be showcased in the 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century, allotted between the Official, Panorama and Greek Television sections. These are the latest in the local documentary production and are projects that have been funded in various ways: by means of documentary production companies, the Greek Film Center and the Greek Public Television (ERT S.A.), private broadcasting stations and independently.
A tribute to the monthly TV series War Zone is being held in the Greek Section of the 10th TDF.
War Zone -first broadcast in 2003- and its reporter Sotiris Danezis have been traveling all over the planet to sites of human, social, religious and political crises. Through evocative images as well as informative testimonies and documents, the series’ «reportageandcurrentaffairs» documentaries recount stories that showcase various contemporary problems. The 40 episodes shot and aired so far succeed in communicating the following premise: the planet’s war zones are not only those plagued by battles and military confrontations. The 21st century war zone is every region afflicted by clashes between different ideas, different civilizations and different people.
The War Zone Tribute consists of 10 documentaries (60-min duration each) produced between 2005 and 2007 and will be accompanied by a publication, as well as a photographic exhibition entitled One Second of Silence. Having traveled to more than 55 countries with the War Zone crew, Sotiris Danezis has shot a considerable number of still photographs during and in-between productions of the War Zone episodes. Amongst them, an adolescent boy incarcerated in an El Salvador prison, the families of gold-diggers in the dilapidated Congo mines and an American soldier lighting a cigarette in Afghanistan, right after the execution of a Taliban soldier. The exhibition is hosted by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography and due to travel abroad after the completion of the 10th TDF.
North Korea: The Show, 2005
The Cocaine Jungle, 2006
Crime in the Amazon, 2006
Mexico: The Valley of Death, 2006
Nepal: the Red Fortress, 2006
The Return of the Taliban, 2006
Western Sahara: Rebels of the Desert, 2006
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Vilina Vlas - The Fairy's Hair, 2007
Hitler’s Bodyguard, 2007
Burma: Two names for One Dictatorship, 2008
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