Konstantin Kakanias creates the visual identity of the 62nd TIFF




Konstantin Kakanias creates the visual identity of the 62nd TIFF


It is our great joy to unveil the posters of the 62nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival, designed by the Greek painter and multimedia artist Konstantin Kakanias. Konstantin Kakanias is collaborating with museums and galleries all over the world, as well as with some of the top-notch names in the fashion industry, such as Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin and Yves-Saint Laurent.


The Festival’s posters are both static and moving, giving us the chance to enjoy Mrs. Tependris rocking like a hurricane at the Festival venues, as well as on social media. This year’s Festival, taking place from 4 to 14 November 2021, is returning home, to the movie theaters, which will operate as Covid-free spaces, while a section of the Festival will also be held online.  


Konstantin Kakanias speaks about the Festival’s posters


“I’m thrilled to contribute to the 62nd Thessaloniki Film Festival. I deeply believe in the power of cinema, which has made our lives so much better over the last 120 years. And I have missed it so much, these dark rooms, with these gigantic figures. Moving with light. What a thrill!


As for Mrs. Tependris, she has missed it even more. She is ecstatic to be coming to Thessaloniki (a city she loves… after all her great aunt was from here!) to see films in real after a year and a half of forced abstinence. Thank you for everything, Thessaloniki Film Festival”.


A few words on Konstantin Kakanias


Konstantin Kakanias was born in Greece and is currently living and working between Los Angeles and Greece. His multifaceted work, drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and animation films, has been showcased in exhibition venues on a worldwide scale. His drawings have been published, among others, in Kathimerini, in the New York Times, in Vogue magazine, whereas many of his works are to be found in the permanent collections of both the Benaki Museum and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens. In addition, he has created the murals at Fanny’s, the restaurant of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.