Application window open for the residency program “Berlin AiR: Thessaloniki-Berlin”

Application window open for the residency program “Berlin AiR: Thessaloniki-Berlin”

Thessaloniki International Film Festival is teaming up with the residency program «Berlin AiR: Thessaloniki-Berlin», organized by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, offering Greek film professionals currently working on a new project the chance to stay and work in Berlin for three months. The time-frame for the selection of the three-month residency scholarship extends from 1/7/2022 until 30/11/2022.

The selected candidate will not only have the opportunity to get acquainted with the full spectrum of German film production, but also to take an up-close glance at the multidimensional aspects of a city that takes center stage at the European art milieu. Within the framework of the program, renowned professionals of the German film industry will assume the role of mentors, sharing valuable experiences and useful advice with the participants. The scholarship covers full accommodation costs and travel expenses (including a two-way airplane ticket), along with providing the sum of 1,200 euros on a monthly basis for each participant.


Terms and conditions for application eligibility:

-               The program is addressed to Greek professionals of the cinema and TV field (in preference, directors and screenwriters) who are currently working on a new project.

-               A fluent knowledge of the English language

-               Those who wish to submit an application must have at least one movie of a minimum duration of 30 minutes, of any genre or format, under their belt

-               The above-mentioned movie must either have received the support of an official organization or institution or be the recipient of domestic/international prizes

Necessary supporting documents:

-               The applicant must fill in the respective application form

-               A CV in English

-               A statement (in English), where the applicant should explain the reasons behind his decision to apply for the program (maximum length: one page)

-               A written description of the project (treatment/synopsis, both in Greek and English)

-               A sample of an earlier work as a film professional (Vimeo link & password)


All interested applicants must fill in the application and submit all necessary supportive documents the latest by Friday April 1st, 2022 at the following link: