Agora: Docs in Progress

The Agora of the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival presented the Docs in Progress on Monday, March 6th, at Pavlos Zannas theater, consisting of eleven films from Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean, showcased to producers, sales agents, distributors and Festival representatives.

The event was kicked off by Thanos Stavropoulos, member of the Agora team, who thanked the attendees and gave the floor to the Festival's Artistic Director, Orestis Andreadakis. “As you know, our country was marked by a terrible accident and our lives changed. However, art, films, and documentaries are always the best refuge in such moments. I would like to encourage you to use your art, to find meaning and to give meaning to life. Thank you."

Stavropoulos took the floor again and went on to talk about the various activities of Agora, such as the daily Agora Talks and the Agora Awards that will be presented on Wednesday, March 8th. He also thanked the production team, volunteers and Agora's head, Angeliki Vergou, as well as Agora's sponsors and partners. Finally, he thanked consultant and documentary program curator, Anna Glogowski, for her dedication and smile throughout the prep work of Docs in Progress. "Thank you all, I am very happy to be here. We will be watching eleven documentaries in the preparation stage, so please buckle up!" Ms. Glogowski said.

Here’s the full list of the Agora Docs in Progress awards:

The international jury of Agora Docs in Progress is composed of:

Maëlle Guenegues, Sales agent, CAT&Docs - France
Laurien ten Houten, Industry Relations and Talks Manager at the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam [IDFA] - The Netherlands
Ilias Georgiopoulos, Distributor, Danaos Cinema & Danaos Films – Greece

Here’s the full lineup of the Agora Docs in Progress projects:

DEATH PLAN FOR A DOG AND A MAN  Director: Christos Karakepelis, Co-scriptwriter: Natasa Segkou, Producer: Maria Drandaki - Homemade Films, Greece

Director: Caroline von der Tann, Producer: Antonella Di Nocera - Parallelo 41 Produzioni, Italy

Director-producer: Anelise Salan - The L Studio Film, Producer: Bogdan Craciun - Andarams Films, Romania Thessaloniki Pitching Forum 2021

HANGING WITHOUT WALLS Directors: Jana Durajova, Lena Kusnierikova, Producers: Zuzana Mistrikova, Lubica Orechovska - PubRes, Arkaitz Basterra - PubRes International, Slovakia Thessaloniki Pitching Forum 2022 - Beldocs Award

LANDING Director: Ksenia Ciuvaseva, Producer: Natalia Imaz - parabellum film, Co-producers: Maxim Cîrlan - MOLDOX AO, Mihajlo Jevtić - Film the World, Sales Company: Taskovski Films, Germany, Moldova-Serbia

POST LOVE Director: Alexis Taillant, Producer: Nadège Labé - Wendigo Films, France Thessaloniki Pitching Forum 2021 - DAE Award

SACRED WAY ~ 21KM Director: Nikoleta Paraschi, Producer: Maria Karagiannaki - Chase The Cut, Co-producer: Nikoleta Paraschi, Greece

SAVANNA AND THE MOUNTAIN Director-producer: Paulo Carneiro - BAM BAM CINEMA, Co-producer: Alex Piperno - La Pobladora Cine, Portugal, Uruguay

STORIES OF A LIE Director: Olia Verriopoulou, Producer: Gaëlle Jones - Perspective Films, France, Greece

SUSPENDED Director: Myriam El Hajj, Producer: Myriam Sassine - Abbout Productions, Co-producer: Carine Ruszniewski - Gogogo Films, Lebanon, France, Qatar

TELL THEM ABOUT US Director: Rand Beiruty, Producer: Jude Kawwa - Shaghab Films, Co-producer: Alex Tondowski - Tondowski Films,  Germany, Jordan