The next green steps of the Festival - The Festival channels the Green Fee to a series of sustainable actions

Thessaloniki International Film Festival will channel the amount of 16,795 euros collected within the framework of the 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, through the establishment of a green fee for all accredited guests (10 euros and 3 euros for students), to a series of measures, actions and initiatives aiming at reducing the Festival’s environmental footprint and tackling the repercussions of the climate crisis. An important step towards the direction of sustainability is for the Festival’s actions to serve as a springboard for raising awareness, addressing both the audience and the professionals taking part in the Festival. 

We would like to thank all our accredited guests who enabled us through the payment of the green fee to come closer to the realization of our sustainability goals and implement more green actions. Many of them wished to be informed on our actions and vision, taking active part in a dialogue associated with our everyday life and our future. 

The total cost of the Festival’s sustainability actions is estimated at around 80,000 euros and trending upwards. The amount collected through the green fee will help to cover part of this cost and will contribute to the conduction of a carbon footprint analysis study coupled with an energy report and recommendations for the energy upgrade of the Festival’s buildings (Olympion, Warehouse C, Thessaloniki Cinema Museum etc.). This study will be matched by a bundle of recommendations for a series of targeted actions, initiatives and interventions that will lead to the reduction of the Festival’s consumption rate, pollutants’ emission and footprint. Moreover, it will serve as the basis for the formulation of the overall strategy of the institution.

In addition, a portion of the amount will fund the continuation and enhancement of sustainable actions carried out by the Festival since summer 2022 (1st Evia Film Project), in collaboration with specialized partners and niche companies. Within the framework of the recent 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, these actions pertain to the following fields: 

Within the context of all the above-mentioned actions and initiatives the companies and institutions the Festival has teamed up with will deliver reports featuring the detailed facts and figures of the material collected. 


Having already taken important steps in its yearly editions, the Festival has its eyes set on a long-term holistic approach. To this end, since 2003 it has joined forces with a specialized environmental policy formulation & sustainable management strategy planning consultant, for the entire spectrum of its actions. Moreover, educational seminars addressed to all the Festival’s employees and partners are hosted, a Green Officer from the Festival’s staff was appointed, and the Festival’s green team is being composed. Last but not least, Thessaloniki International Film Festival is now a member of the Green Charter For Film Festivals European initiative.