Navigating through Virtual Reality through a special section of VR films

The 2nd Evia Film Project showcases the most up-to-date VR technologies in Northern Evia. Taking a close focus on mankind and its relation to the environment, three VR films will be screened  within the framework of the Immersive: All Around Cinema section of the Festival, offering the audience a unique viewing experience. The VR program films will be screened in a specially configured venue at KYMA meeting-info point (Edipsos), from Tuesday June 20 to Saturday June 24, with daily working hours from 12:00 to 20:00.


The films that will be screened unveil different aspects of an extended reality, transcending film genres and immersing the viewer to the universe of each creation.



Jan Kounen
France, 2019, 8΄

An iceberg is cracking, the ice floe is breathing and a sled dog is howling... Electronic music producer Molécule cuts himself off in a hunters’ village in Greenland. He records the sounds of the Arctic to compose music. Inspired by his adventure, -22.7°C offers a sensory and introspective trip through the polar regions. Guided by the sounds, the user is in a deep listening state. Through an initiatory journey, they reconnect with Nature and their inner self. Users navigate between an “outer” dimension, where they discover a powerful, majestic but dangerous nature; and an “inner” dimension, where they face their feelings and fears. Little by little, these two dimensions merge and lead the user to a final state of harmony and communion with the universe.



Jörg Courtial  
Germany, 2021, 13' 

Chaos, rebirth, and catastrophes mark the history of Earth, yet mankind exists. As amazing as it may sound, 4.7 billion years of evolution condensed into 24 h reveal: We are children of galactic luck, born in the final second of eternity. As time travelers, we immerse into unknown spheres. Seemingly unreal, mystical, and daunting, yet full of breathtaking landscapes and creatures that have truly existed. We see the young, glowing earth surrounded by cosmic debris, fly over endless oceans of eternal darkness and move through a magical underwater world. Emerging from the water an enchanted land unveils a paradise of prehistorical jungle and giant insects, only to be followed by mass extinction – just until a new cycle starts that surrounds us with bombastic dinosaurs who conquer the earth, before meeting with extinction too.


Ed n’ Robot 6: Captain Crab

Thibault Joyeux
France,2022, 6'

Ed is satisfied, his “Zero Waste” policy has paid off, the flow of robotic waste is stopped. The Green Planet has become a paradise. On the other hand, the Junk Planet has been used as a dumping ground for robotic waste. The waste-eating Crabs have gorged themselves. The food source has dried up and starvation is on the way. Should Captain Crab let his people devour each other, or choose a losing war? Better to fight than to die starving by the enemy.