Ken Loach

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The book opens with an insightful and in-depth text by the editor Nikos Savvatis, a section with interviews, views and comments of his collaborators, and a series of general texts and researches on the work of the British filmmaker (Stewart Leng, Julian Petley, Thomas Linaras, Nikos Kolovos). Following is his filmography critically reviewed (13 films from 1967 to 1998). The last part of the publication with the title “Films for Television” focuses on the less know (but equally important) work of Ken Loach (completely cinematic and not at all television material), produced by BBC: 33 films middle-length and feature films, most of them shot in 16mm. In the films, the interaction between fiction and documentary creates a space of such an “authentic” reality, where we might think that the characters play themselves in real life. An incredible monograph - point of reference.

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