Eyal Sivan

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Dimitris Eipides writes in the prologue of this short but concise publication: “if your work is to direct films, receiving abusive phone calls, life threats, a bullet in an envelope in your mailbox, these are probably not the things you expect to happen…”. The movies by Eyal Sivan were accused of being anti-national from a part of the conservative Israel and he was called a provocateur who hates his country. His “crime” is that he had the courage to show the other side, the one of the Palestinians… The book opens with a discussion with the editor, Dimitris Kerkinos and the director. Following are texts on his great films-testaments: Jaffa, the Orange's Clockwork, the portrait of Adolf Eichmann with archive from his trial and Route 181, Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel, a shocking journey alongside the intertwined borders between the two countries. An exceptional introduction to the work of the multiple award-winning Israeli filmmaker.

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