The Zero Years

Four women, barren, under surveillance and continuous toxic control, are serving their term in a government-run brothel. Their duty is to have sex and to beat their clients with no remorse. The relations between them are at a critical point, the food and water supply is limited, the house is decayed and fit to drop. Nothing on the outside exists any more. Nightmarish visions, simulated miscarriages and rapes, injections and nausea all make up their daily routine. And yet, even though they have been sterilised by the State, each woman’s dream is to have a child. One day, one of their clients disappears. The interrogation begins
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Direction: Nikos Nikolaidis
Script: Nikos Nikolaidis
Cinematography: Sifis Koundouros
Editing: George Triandafyllou
Sound: Yannis Haralambidis
Music: Simon Nikolaidis
Actors: Vicky Harris (the visitor), Jenny Kitseli (the leader), Arhondisa Mavrakaki (Maro), Eftyhia Yiakoumi (Christina)
Production: Nikos Nikolaidis
Producers: Nikos Nikolaidis
Costumes: Marie-Louise Bartholomew
Sets: Marie-Louise Bartholomew
Format: 35mm, Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Duration: 120'

Nikos Nikolaidis

Μulti-award winning director and writer Nikos Nikolaidis was born in Athens on the 25th of October 1939. His directorial debut was the short film Lacrimae Rerum (1962), and his official entrance into world of filmmaking was in 1975, with the feature film Euridice Β.Α. 2037. Aside from film directing, Nikolaidis worked for a record company and put his signature on more than 200 television commercials. He is the only Greek filmmaker to have been awarded five times as Best Director at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, yet never for the Best Film category. He passed away on the 5th of September 2007.


1962 Lacrimae Rerum (short)
1968 Unconditionally (short)
1975 Euridice BA 2037
1979 The Wretches are Still Singing
1983 Sweet Bunch
1987 Morning Patrol
1990 Singapore Sling
1999 See You in Hell, my Darling
2002 Loser takes all
2005 The Zero Years