Please, Ladies, Don’t Cry…

Two famed icon restorers from Athens arrive in a mountain village in Arcadia to restore the damaged frescoes of an historic Byzantine church.Their presence brings new life to the uneventful existence of the villagers, until winter comes and they abandon their work half finished.

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Direction: Stavros Tsiolis
Script: Stavros Tsiolis, Christos Vakalopoulos
Cinematography: Vassilis Kapsouros
Editing: Costas Iordanidis
Sound: Marinos Athanassopoulos
Music: Makis Bekos
Actors: Argyris Bakirtzis, Dimitris Vlahos, Dora Masklavanou, Nikolaos Kekkos, Emily Papachristou, Evelyn Gavrilou, Thymios Thoedorou, Stratos Theodorou, Costas Tsarouchas, Dimitra Psychogiou
Production: Yannis Gavrilos, Greek Film Center, Stavros Tsiolis
Costumes: Katerina Karathanassi, Menia Bouli-Paraskeva
Sets: Katerina Karathanassi, Menia Bouli-Paraskeva
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1992
Duration: 85’

Stavros Tsiolis

Stavros Tsiolis was born in Tripoli in 1937 and died in Athens in 2019. He studied cinema at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens, while he worked for about a decade as an assistant director participating in over 50 films by important Greek directors. The Young Runaway (1968) was his first feature film for Finos Film. In 1970 he made an international hit with his film Abuse of Power. He abstained from cinema from the year 1971 up until 1985. He came back in 1985 with the film One such Long Absence (1985) to mark his return. Freed from commitments of the 1960s, 1990s was characterized by a new personal style with topics around the Greek countryside. Among his films that have been distinguished in Thessaloniki Greek Film Festival: Invincible Lovers (1988) with best directions and best film award, Love Under the Date-Tree (1990) with best film award, and Please, Ladies, Don’t Cry (1992) with best direction and screenplay award.


1969 The Young Runaway
1969 Panic
1969 The City Jungle
1970 Abuse of Power
1985 Such a Long Absence
1986 About Vassilis
1988 Invincible Lovers
1990 Love Under the Date-tree
1992 Please, Ladies, Don’t Cry…
1995 The Lost Treasure of Hursit Pasha
1998 Let the Women Wait
2004 Here We Are!
2017 Women Who Passed My Way