Meteor and Shadow

Μετέωρο και Σκιά

A poignant and harrowing account of the rise and fall of Athenian bohemian poet Napoleon Lapathiotis (1888–1944). A controversial figure due to his gay sexual orientation, his communist sympathies, and his addiction to drugs. A national icon whose lifestyle created a scandal in the conservative society of his times.

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Direction: Takis Spetsiotis
Script: Takis Spetsiotis
Cinematography: Filippos Koutsaftis
Editing: Despina Danai Maroulakou
Sound: Marinos Athanassopoulos
Actors: Takis Moschos, Nikos Alexiou, Aristotelis Aposkitis, Yannis Zavradinos, Yorgos Kendros, Kostas Ladopoulos, Michail Marmarinos, Yannis Palamiotis, Manos Stellakis, Esthir Franko, Dimitris Vagenas, Lamprini Dimitriadou, Anna Kokkinou, Anna Kouri, Dimitris Poulikakos, Alexandros Revidis, Thaleia Aslanidou, Nikos Galiatsos, Tonis Giakovakis, Christos Efthimiou
Producers: Takis Spetsiotis,
Costumes: Dora Delouda-Papailiopoulou
Sets: Dora Delouda-Papailiopoulou
Make Up: Stella Votsou
Format: Digital Beta
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1985
Duration: 101΄
Distribution in Greece: Feelgood Entertainment,
Awards/Distinctions: Best Leading Actor, Best Scenography, Best Costumery, Best Make up – Thessaloniki ΙFF 1985 Best Leadind Actor, Best Film, Best Costumery, Best Make up – Ministry of Culture State Quality Awards Thessaloniki 1986

Takis Spetsiotis

Takis Spetsiotis (Piraeus, 1954) is a filmmaker and writer. Ηis films include Meteor and Shadow (1985) and Crows (1991). Among his books are Hail Napoleon (1999), Deltion Taftotitos [Identity Card] (2003), Tachtsis - Den Ntrepomai [Taktsis - I Am Not Ashamed] (2006). He has worked for theatre and television as a director.


1976 Lisa and the Other (short)
1977 La Belle (short)
1981 On the Cosy Side
1975 Meteor and Shadow
1991 Crows or the grave digger’s complain