The Distinguished Citizen

Reading between the lines, the film examines in a cynical, humorous tone a series of themes, from small town conformism to a writer’s responsibilities and the double edged sword of fame. The hero, a Nobel Laureate writer, decides to return to the small town he was born in after 30 years abroad in order to receive the town’s most prestigious recognition. Upon arrival to the town he uses as the setting for all his stories, he will discover that the people there will not be as easy to handle as the characters in his books. 

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Script: Andres Duprat
Cinematography: Mariano Cohn & Gaston Duprat
Editing: Jeronimo Carranza
Sound: Adrian De Michele
Music: Toni M. Mir
Actors: Oscar Martinez, Dady Brieva, Andrea Frigerio, Manuel Vicente
Production: Arco Libre, Television Abierta, Magma Cine, A Contracorriente Films, Aleph Cine
Producer/Producers: Fernando Sokolowicz
Co-producer/Co-producers: Mariano Cohn, Gaston Duprat, Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Nathalia Videla Pena, Adolfo Blanco
Costumes: Laura Donari
Production Design: Maria Eugenia Sueiro
Format: Color
Production Country: Argentina-Spain
Production Year: 2016
Duration: 120
Distribution in Greece: One From the Heart
Contact: Latido Films