Faces Places

Visages Villages

Greek premiere

A serendipitous collaboration between the “grandma of Nouvelle Vague” and the 33-year-old visual artist JR, which begins by a photographic project around the French countryside and ends up in an anthem about the imprint of the most unpredictable encounters, friendship that has a quirky gaze as its pillar, the faces that are hidden in a place and the places within the faces, the beauty of the moment and the eternity of memory.

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Direction: Agnès Varda & JR
Cinematography: Claire Duguet, Nicolas Guicheteau, Valentin Vignet, Romain Le Bonniec, Raphael Minnesota, Roberto De Angelis, Julia Fabry
Editing: Agnès Varda, Maxime Pozzi Garcia
Sound: David Chaulier, Alan Savary, Pierre-Henri Thiebaut, Morgane Lanniel
Production: Ciné-Tamaris, Social Animals, Rouge International, Arte France Cinéma, Arches Films
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France
Production Year: 2017
Duration: 89'
Distribution in Greece: One from the Heart, sofia@onefromtheheart.gr
Contact: Cohen Media Group

Agnès Varda


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2017 Visages Villages | Faces Places