Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy: November 4th - 9th, 2023


The Thessaloniki IFF, in collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival, launched the Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy in Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean region in 2016. The eighth edition is taking place physically (November 4-9, 2023) in the context of the 64th TIFF Agora. The Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy is a tailor-made training program created to help young professionals in the cinema industry, i.e. sales agents, distributors and new media professionals, to expand their experience and networking in the fields of international sales, marketing, distribution and programming. Each year up to 8 young film professionals will participate in the Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy. In this five-day program, top film professionals will offer their expertise to the 8 participants through discussions, case study presentations and teamwork.

The Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy is part of the Locarno Industry Academy network, which includes the Latin America Locarno Industry Academies: Mexico Industry Academy, São Paulo Industry Academy, Colombia Industry Academy, Santiago Industry Academy, and the Beirut-Locarno Industry Academy, Southern Africa Industry Academy, South Asia Industry Academy, NYC Industry Academy.

The official working language of the Industry Academy is English.


A. What does the Industry Academy offer to its participants?


B. Enrolment in the Industry Academy:

The Industry Academy in Thessaloniki is open to international participants.
Those enrolled must attend the full 5-day program that runs between November 4 and 9, 2023.


C. Applications are open for young professionals who:

* Please note that priority will be given to participants under 35 years old (born after 1988).


D. The Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy offers to attendees, free of charge:


E. Key Dates:


F. Application Materials:


> TIFF64 Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy Application - Αpplications are now closed.
Submission Deadline: August 11th, 2023


For inquiries please contact: Konstantinos Aivaliotis, Regional Manager - Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy, Locarno Film Festival, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.