AGORA Series: November 3-6, 2023


AGORA Series, the new section of the ΤIFF AGORA returns this year with an extended two-day programme in a dedicated space, on November 4-5 2023. The successful new initiative that was launched last year will focus on the creator.

The AGORA Series through its programming and sessions aims to bridge the film production and series creation for television and OTT platforms while focusing on the creative process of scriptwriting for series.

With local and international special guests, AGORA Series invites the audiovisual production professionals from Greece, Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean to attend numerous events such as masterclasses, panel discussions and case study presentations while providing the opportunity for network expansion to its participants.

At the same time, AGORA Series is inaugurating new partnerships with prestigious organizations specializing in series content production and promotion as well as professional training in the field of content development for TV and OTT platforms.

Stay tuned for more updates on the AGORA Series schedule and guests.