Motherland, I See You

A selection of films from a program dedicated to salvaging, digitizing, screening, and studying films from the rich legacy of 20th-century Greek cinema, within the framework of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution. The program Motherland, I See You: The 20th Century of Greek Cinema is held by the Hellenic Film Academy, under the auspices of the “Greece 2021” Committee. The action is sponsored by the National Centre of Audiovisual Media & Communication (main sponsor), the Greek Film Centre, Athens Epidaurus Festival and Thessaloniki International Film Festival, with the support of the Greek Film Archive and Finos Film.

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05 November 2021
18:00 Astero | Astero FRIDA LIAPPA
21:00 Ιdées Fixes / Dies Irae (Variations οn The Same Subject) | Ιdées Fixes / Dies Irae (Parallages sto idio thema) PAVLOS ZANNAS
06 November 2021
21:00 Evdokia | Ευδοκία PAVLOS ZANNAS
08 November 2021
21:00 The Young Runaway | O mikros drapetis PAVLOS ZANNAS
09 November 2021
20:00 The Travelling Players | Ο θίασος PAVLOS ZANNAS
11 November 2021
12 November 2021
21:30 Mania | Μανία PAVLOS ZANNAS
14 November 2021
21:00 The Roundup | Το μπλόκο PAVLOS ZANNAS