Competition «Write at Home!»

Competition “Write at Home” for writing a story in a script form
(for adolescents, aged 14-18)

Stimulate your imagination and write a story that could be the script for a short fiction film.

Choose your subject: You can choose between two subjects: “Incredible days” (what incredible days means for you, what could happen during an incredible day, what would you choose to happen) or “Growing up” (what it means to grow up, to mature, what changes for myself, what stays the same).

Talk about things that matter: Narrate stories, emotions, situations, describe people, places, objects in an experiential way. Express your inner world, be bold in your creative expression!

Familiarize yourself with narrative structures and script techniques: In order to help you understand better the cinematic tools, the Festival will organize a short seminar, which will take place online in the next few days.

Soon, more information regarding the competitions, the seminar and the regulations of the competition will be available on the website of the Festival, and on the social media of the organization.