We invite the audience to visit the website with the rich archive of the Festival (one can access it also through the Festival website in the section ARCHIVE). There you will find rare editions, magazines, books -many of them out of print-, but all available online. There, one can discover amazing film stories, moments and people, as well as the rare collection HELLAFI, which was declared a monument by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage. HELLAFI includes large scale movie posters, pencil sketches, watercolor artwork, lithographs, Indian ink etc.

Here is a small taste from

“Dear Elia,

Thanks for making it possible to see Voulgaris’ film “Quiet days of August”. It’s an elegant, beautifully made film. The camera moves constantly -sensually. You find yourself getting involved with the characters … the longing, the melancholy… even a sense of fear and dread… ultimately, a very surprising and moving ending…

Martin Scorsese”

Scorsese’s letter to Elia Kazan in the Festival’s edition on Pantelis Voulgaris. You can find the original letter here: