Director Manolis Mavris, awarded at the Cannes’ International Critics’ Week, creates the spots of the 62nd TIFF




Director Manolis Mavris, awarded at the Cannes’ International Critics’ Week, creates the spots of the 62nd TIFF


The 62nd Thessaloniki Film Festival assigned Manolis Mavris, recipient of the Canal+ Award at the Cannes’ 60th International Critics’ Week with his short film Brutalia, Days of Labour, to direct the spots of this year’s Festival. Featuring cinema’s power to show a different side of things, Manolis Mavris created three spots, produced by Kostis Katsaros/The Stripes. The Festival’s spots invite us to take a look at “the bigger picture”, urging us to rediscover the experience of watching a film in cinema’s rightful home, the movie theater.


“A young mermaid denounces body shaming, a lonely gentleman ends up having his dinner alongside several different versions of himself, a man is chilling out as he’s about to be chopped by a magician’s saw. What do all these have to do with each other? The movement of the camera becomes the linchpin between these films, forming a trilogy of signals. The common feature of all three films is the shot opening up to unveil the “bigger picture”. The meaning is altered depending on whether you are standing at a close or a long distance. The composition is building up and is gradually overturned. The opening up of the frame alludes to the re-opening of movie theaters for the audience and the openness of the Thessaloniki Festival”, explains Manolis Mavris.


Watch the three spots of the 62nd Festival:



Α few words on Manolis Mavris


Manolis Mavris was born in Athens in 1987. He studied Graphic Design and Animation in Athens and had his Master’s Degree on Visual Communication in London. His short films have been screened at major film festivals around the globe, such as Cannes, London’s BFI, Sarajevo and PÖFF (Tallinn Black Nights). His latest film, Brutalia, Days of Labour, was selected for the competition section of the 60th International Critics’ Week at Cannes Film Festival, winning the Canal+ Award. In addition, it was bestowed with the Golden Dionysus Award for Best Short Film at the 44th Drama International Short Film Festival.



With: Katerina Zisoudi, Elsa Lekakou, Christos Stergioglou, Avraam Papadopoulos

Scriptwriter – Director: Manolis Mavris

Producer and Executive Producer: Kostis Katsaros

Director of Photography: Manu Tilinski

Art Direction: Dafni Kalogianni

Costume Designer: Mandy Papadaki

Music: Larry Gus

Sound Recordists: Alexis Koukias, Dimitris Reppas

Location Managers: Panayotis Lazarakos, Panagiota Karastergiou

Sound Designer and Sound Mixer: Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos

Hair and Make-up: Roula Lianou (Mermaid & Magician), Elena Karatsoki (Restaurant)

Title Designer: Daphne Sgourou Drosopoulou

Image processing (VFX): Orfeas Antoulinakis

Color grade: Dimitris Karteris

Production Assistants: George Paltidis, Stathis Leftheriotis

Set design team: Dimitris Lazoulos, Apostolos Polychroniadis, Velissarios Sirmakesis

A΄ Camera Assistant: Yorgos Metaxas (Mermaid & Magician), Vagelis Tzifakis (Restaurant)

Key Grip: Carolos Sturmey 

Electrician: Vangelis Kontodimas 

Camera Equipment: DK RENTAL HOUSE

Location Management & Scouting Agency: Locatopia


The creative team of the spot would like to thank:


Green Olive - Maria Kopanou

Cinecrane - Panos Tsigas - Stefanos Tsigas

Crane truck: Dardoumas Group

Mavro Lithari - MICHTARIAN BROS 

Faust - Alekos Sissovitis

BSK STUDIOS - Sakis Kostis

Eleni Tramba


Production Company

The Stripes