Evi Kalogiropoulou, award-winner director at Cannes Film Festival, is behind the 63rd Thessaloniki Film Festival spot



Evi Kalogiropoulou, award-winner director at Cannes Film Festival, is behind the 63rd Thessaloniki Film Festival spot


Evi Kalogiropoulou, director of the short film On Xerxes’ Throne, screened at the 61st International Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival, snatching the Canal+ Award, was assigned by the 63rd Thessaloniki Film Festival (3-13 November, 2022) to create the spot of this year’s edition.


Five women are standing before an old and abandoned car, almost frozen still and expressionless. The iconic Greek song “Ladadika” is heard against the backdrop (music by Marios Tokas and lyrics by Filippos Grapsas), first performed by the legendary Greek singer Dimitris Mitropanos. However, we cannot hear the voice of the five women silently singing it.


Conversing with the 63rd TIFF’s “Reconstruction” main theme, the spot reconstitutes and redefines a prolific song inextricably attached to Thessaloniki, through a modern-day glance. In addition, it renders homage to the nobility and the stripped-down ambiance of the original heart-wrenching performance, while bringing forth the female aura and the multidimensional aspect of Thessaloniki. The song’s cover bears the signature of Kid Moxie, who adapted the original melody to women vocals.


Director and visual artist Evi Kalogiropoulou is living and working in Athens and London. She is an Athens Fine Art School graduate, having obtained a Master’s Degree from the Moving Image Department of the London Royal College. She’s an Artist in Residency in London’s Somerset House Studios. Her work explores ideaσ that revolve around integration and exclusion, intercultural identity, female entities in Ancient Greek mythology and post-apocalyptic environments.


Let’s enjoy the Festival’s spot:



Concept / Directed by

Evi Kalogiropoulou



Themis Bazaka

Tonia Sotiropoulou

Katerina Nwanze

Valeria Chrampani

Peggy Theodorogianni



Amanda Livanou


Director of Photography Evan Maragkoudakis

Editor Yorgos Zafeiris

Stylist Valeria Chrampani

Make-up Panagiotis Karakasis

Hair Stylist Alex Parisis

Hair Stylist Assistant Asimina Antonopoulou

Production Manager Yorgos Stergiou

1st Assistant Camera Nikos Sempos

Assistant Director Evangelia Intzempeli

DIT Athena Boutari

PA Yorgos Papageorgiou

PA Antonis Doukas

Neda Film Isavella Alopoudi, Katerina Tzourou

Color Correction Manos Hamilakis, Authorwave

Sound Mixing Leandros Ntounis

Song Recording “Evihon” Studio



Composer: Marios Tokas (EDEM)

Lyrics Filippos Grapsas (EDEM)

Artist Kid Moxie


Special Thanks

Family of Marios Tokas Filippos Grapsas

Yannis Zoumboulakis

Yorgos Papadimitriou

Ilias Ktistakis – White Balance

Dionisis Tsonopoulos

Yorgos Stergiou


Oriflame Official Greece

Valentini Kiriakidou

L’Oréal Hellas

Marina Zamzara

Gaby – Gabriel Nikolaidis