The submissions for the podcast development program of the Thessaloniki Film Festival and iMEdD are now open

The submissions for the podcast development program of the Thessaloniki Film Festival and iMEdD are now open


For the second year, the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the non-profit journalism organization iMEdD continue their collaboration for podcast development. The two organizations invite podcast creators, as well as professionals and students of the media and film industry from Greece and abroad, to submit their ideas and proposals for podcasts, which will be completed with the support of iMEdD.

The purpose of the program is to create a new podcast/audio documentary based on journalistic research and documentation. Those interested are invited to submit their ideas in the form of a description and analysis of the topic.

From the submitted proposals, one will be selected and will win an award for the realization of an original podcast.

We are looking for a story that will be developed based on journalistic methodology and techniques. Selection criteria will be originality, journalistic value, proposed methodology, capability for documentation and realistic executional framework.

The purpose of the program is the production of primary journalistic content in the form of an audio documentary. Proposals with elements of fiction/archive tributes/audio essays/one-on-one or monothematic interviews are not eligible.

The project can be in Greek or English and it can be a proposal by a creator or a group of creators.

The proposals of the prospective creators can be submitted until January 31, 2024.

The proposal, which will be selected by an iMEdD jury, will be announced during the 26th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival (7-17/3/2024). Then, it will be completed with the journalistic and technical support of iMEdD. The award winner will collaborate with iMEdD, which will support the development of content, the integration of journalistic practices, the provision of logistical equipment and the execution of production, fully covering the financial needs for the completion of the project.

The terms and the application form are available on the Festival website, at the following link:

In the first application of the program, the proposal that was selected, implemented and presented at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2023 was "Mute - The silent violence of the parting walls" by the journalist Andreas Vagias. You can listen to the podcast here:

 This joint initiative is part of the multi-level collaboration of the Thessaloniki Film Festival and iMEdD with the aim of expanding the ties of the film and journalism community to further develop storytelling and content production. Along with this specific cooperation, we are seeking to fortify it with reliable data and independent research that follows appropriate journalistic practices and tools.