Vittorio De Sica

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Having directed the film “Bicycle Thieves” in 1948 (Oscar for Best Foreign Film), De Sica is one of the milestones of the Italian Neorealism. His long-lasting and creative collaboration with the eminent writer and screenwriter, Cesare Zavattini, resulted in the creation of some of the gems in History of cinema, such as “Sciuscia”, “Miracle in Milan” and “Umberto D”. This publication opens with a series of texts by Michel Demopoulos, Yorgos Bramos, Nikos Kolovos and the classic text of André Bazin on De Sica and Cesare Zavattini on neorealism. Following are the 9 films (from the 31 he directed) of the tribute, with comments by the director, the screenwriter and film critics, including texts from Gabriel García Márques on “Bicycle Thieves” and “The Miracle of Milano”, as well as a classic text by André Bazin on “Umberto D”. This concise monograph, edited by Michel Demopoulos, Thomas Linaras and Achilleas Kyriakidis, closes with a catalogue of the rest of his filmography, his acting roles and a note on his work.

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